Quyuan Luo's Photo

Quyuan Luo

Ph.D. student
State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Networks
Advanced Transportation Technology Lab
School of Telecommunication Engineering
Xidian University
E-mail: qyluo@stu.xidian.edu.cn
Address: Mail Box 88, No.2 South Taibai Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710071, China


Intelligent Transportation Systems, Content Distribution and Resource Allocation in Vehicular Networks, Joint Allocation of Communication and Computing Resources for Networked Autonomous Driving, Vehicle-Road Collaborative Networked Intelligent Driving.




  1. Fusion of Artificial Intelligence-aided Communications and Computing for Networked Autonomous Driving (Natural Science Foundation of China, Jan. 2019-present)
  2. Network-Controlled Autonomous Driving: Communication Network System for Autonomous Driving (Special Foundation of Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau, May 2018-present)
  3. Communication Network System for Autonomous Driving Terminal in Tianlang Dream Town (cooperate with Tianlang Company, Mar. 2018-present)
  4. Research of Key Technologies in Group Communication Based Vehicular Social Networks (Natural Science Foundation of China, Sep. 2016-Sep. 2017)


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